Curating a 'strategy and execution' mindset

Home Group have been providing high quality housing and integrated health and social care for over 80 years. Their principle focus is to care for their customers and look after their communities and neighbourhoods too. So when they asked us to get involved in helping to create a plan which would draw out and clarify the business priorities and create an execution structure to move them forward, we were both delighted and excited to help.

The challenge was to focus the leaders around a handful of priorities that they all believed in and to create a plan that would ensure these initiatives would be executed flawlessly.

Mark Henderson, CEO said:


“Jim has a very professional approach, he took the team through a defined process to move from ideas, to strategy and execution. We invested time discussing and sharing our ideas before he expertly guided us though creating an actionable plan.”

As Mark explains above, we ran a series of energetic and engaging workshops with the senior leadership team, successfully challenging and clarifying their progress to date as well as what their ‘big priorities’ were and broke these down into clear executable actions and plans.

The team took these back to the business and used our agreed implementation methodology to drive real and meaningful change within the business. To support this further we were asked back to work with some of the other leaders within the organisation to help drive

Matt Forrest, Executive Director or Operations, commented:

“While rolling out the priorities we’d identified with Jim, I had taken on a new team which needed to get the rubber to the road, but was struggling to prioritise as a coherent unit. We decided to take a couple of days out of the business to create an operational plan for the coming year. I’ve worked with Jim previously and brought him in to facilitate the sessions. It was hugely successful, Jim’s techniques and methodologies allowed everyone to have a voice and quickly built understanding and consensus. The output was a clear plan. Complete with timescales, accountabilities and targets which we went on to deliver, checking in with Jim on progress at six monthly intervals." 

The priorities we identified and worked on executing are now well embedded into The Home Group and are delivering the outcomes we all hoped they would.