We're proud to have worked with some of the UK's most established companies, some fastest organisations and some new, emerging businesses. Our client base spans various industries such as: Technology, Housing, Recruitment, Pharmaceutical and energy.

Our work with these clients has seen us assist on a number of different topics including; strategy, leadership and business operations.


What our clients say

"Drive, energy and commitment. Where Jim differentiates himself from the rest is the ability to connect people within and outside the organisation, to bridge cultural differences by amplifying common goals & positions, driving alignment by creating sustainable, lasting relationships and thinking big so as to inspire those around him to execute with precision and pace."

Paul Say - International Marketing and Digital Executive

"Paramount bring a high degree of focus, energy and rigor to every role. This is balanced with the vision and creativity required to drive positive change in a business. They understands the importance of building high performing teams in order to plan and effectively execute on a strategy... Jim was a skillful operator with the leadership skills and emotional intelligence to successfully lead this business through a period of significant industry transformation"

Paul Harris - Co-Founder and CMO at BrightHR

"Jim is a highly capable business leader, adaptable and versatile with strong principles. Jim is that rarest of things; a strategist with vision, but able to manage operational detail, dependable and reliable, but able to exceed expectations - a deeply professional and progressive leader. 1st name on the team sheet." 

Jon Cowan - Chief Marketing Officer

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