We know that no two businesses are the same, so we ensure our strategy and transformation projects aren't either!

How we work...

We believe that a speedy, thorough and agile assessment of your needs will allow us to develop a tailored solution for you and your business situation. 


Over the years we've learned that while in many cases general consulting and leadership development can add significant value, sometimes industry specific expertise is required. That's why we have an extensive network of consultants and partners in industries such as; technology, retail, e-commerce and many more. 


Clients have told us that they value our hands-on, straight-forward and down-to-earth approach to transforming businesses. We pride ourselves on never hiding behind theory or jargon to ensure we are easy to do business with and to understand. 


We are energetic and enthusiastic about helping businesses and individuals succeed. We prefer to concentrate on the art of the possible and on getting things done than on the text book answers to challenges.


The five key principles that underpin our approach are:


1) Deliver before we measure - Finding the right path for your organisation is what we do and that's about taking calculated and decisive action, creating momentum and delivering results first.  Reports and insight informs this but is not the first priority. 


2) Engage your business - Depending on your needs and situation, we'll engage with people at all levels of the organisation to ensure our understanding is concrete and that our plans are both understood and executed with passion and pace. 


3) Create usable insight - Transforming businesses and taking decisive actions need to be informed by qualified insight and knowledge. Our network of consultants can offer general business and sector specific guidance to help ensure you and your business grow as a result of their involvement. 


4) Agile execution - Structure and process are critical, but cannot and won't constrain delivering the best possible outcome for you. We'll lay the plan with you, work it well, but we'll remain open and flexible to faster, better or more productive routes along the way.


5) Time appropriate and accountable planning  - We've worked in large businesses (as well as run businesses of their own) and been on the receiving end of consulting. A common source of frustration is that consultants can often create the plan, and leave the business to 'get on with the hard work' as they ride off into the sunset. We believe in planning for the near term as well as the long term and take accountability in making sure you're ready to face the reality of implementing your transformation... we'll share the accountability and excitement of creating this with you.

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